Loikaw is the capital of Kayah State and located in the Karen Hills area, near the State’s northern tip, just above an embayment on the Pilu River. It can be reached by car and by plane from other cities. The inhabitants are mostly Kayah (Karenni). It has many ethnic groups live in harmony and most of them are PADAUNG and PADAUNG WOMEN(Giraffe Women) whose necks are elongated with layers of brass rings. The beautiful and pleasant surroundings of the LAW PITAH HYDRO-ELECTRIC POWER PLANT and THE BLUE-CHAUNG FALL are not for off. It is new destination of Myanmar. The main tourist attractions are KYAT GU(Spiritual Cave) and THIRI MINGALAR TAUNG KWE ZEDI, the landmark of the Kayah State. Trekking in Loikaw may give you different taste.